Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Belle" of the Ball

Anabelle had her first official date last weekend. Its hard to believe she's so grown up already... but since we knew she was ready, I wanted her to have the best. So I gladly loaned her my handsome prince for the night.

She made sure he had a red tie to match her dress. Classiest 4 year old I know!

I had SO much fun getting her all primped. I think she enjoyed it almost as much as I did... I can NOT keep that girl out of my jewelry and makeup to save my life. She told me she wanted a "Cinderella Bumpkin." I think she meant 'bun...' but I cant get old lady images out of my head at the thought of it, so I prom-styled her out to my liking anyhow. She didn't seem to mind... she could NOT stop staring at herself, it was hilarious.

Tyson came home from work and rang the doorbell with a corsage in hand. She acted like it was something he did every day... "Oh, is that for me?! Thanks."

I think she was pretty proud of it once it went on her wrist though.

Dawson and I headed out for our date, and Tyson did what ANY rookie prince would do for the maiden he loves... he took her to Le Golden Arches for the Happiest Meal on Earth. Juice boxes and white lacy gloves: she is KILLING me with cuteness.

Of course Ty was suckered in to the $20 photo op at the front door. What a pushover! (Not gonna lie, I can't wait to see the picture...)

The rest of the night sounds like it was filled with lots of twirls, and bottomless trips to the snack table (all the M&Ms and juice boxes you can eat... what more could a girl want?!).

So it seems the dance was a success, there were over 300 fathers and daughters there. Our dear friends John and Julie were supposed to be among them... but got sick in the hospital at the last minute! Even more to look forward to next year.

Tyson I think wanted the honor of blogging his evening... but he has been SWAMPED with working out of town and taxes in his down time that I decided I better make it happen before its old news.

I am so thankful for a husband who is willing to take his lovely little girl out for an evening filled with all the wonderful ways a beautiful woman should be treated. When she finds the man of her dreams one day in the VERY distant future, he will have some HUGE shoes to fill.

But for now, we aren't even worried about that... she says she's marrying Obe Wan Kenobi, and last I checked he's toast...


Steph said...


Tyson is such a good dad, that was ADORABLE!

Elissa Parrish said...

ummmm i just can't STAND it... the juice box with the gloves is just killing me.... friekin adorable...