Monday, May 4, 2009

All In A Day

Tyson's new job is going to involve working Saturdays. This was the first weekend without him, and while I was a little disappointed at first that our already limited family time would become even more sparse I suddenly realized it would be a great way to spend some quality time outside the house with the just the kids.

So, here are the things we did together on Saturday. *disclaimer* Your head may start to spin, we got SO much accomplished! And it was FUNNNNN!:

1. I woke up and immediately cleaned out the fridge while the kids ate breakfast and cocoa at the kitchen table.

2. Went to step class at the gym (I've fallen in love all over again, btw).

3. Went to the bank. Did NOT have to leave early, had perfect and well behaved kids.

4. Went to Templeton farmer's market. Sampled and nibbled and wandered and visited.

5. Played on the playground. Dawson made it all the way across the monkey bars without my help. Quite a moment.

6. Picked up uncle Kyle. Bribed him with promises of....

7. A&W for a special lunch out. Root beer floats... MMMMmmmmmmmmm!

8. Straight to Fantastic Sam's for a summer "shortcut" for Dawson.

9. Braved Food4Less. Could not have managed that one without dear Uncle Kyle's help.

10. Took Kyle home, back to the house to unload exhausted kids and armloads of groceries. Into the clean fridge!

11. Made Tyson lunch and loaded the kids back in the car to deliver it.

12. Came home, washed the car in the driveway with the kids.

13. Set up the bounce house in the back yard, drug all 184 stuffed animals and nearly every blanket in the linen closet out to 'jump' with them.

14. Gave the dogs a bath while the kids continued their jumping game.

15. Heated leftovers for the kids for dinner. Tyson came home.

16. Jumped in the car and returned movie.

17. Went to Kari's to check out her awesome stats for the triathlon she just owned this weekend.

18. Came home, ate dinner (in bed!), watched movie, died of exhaustion.

Nothing more rewarding than a productive day where almost everything goes as planned. Long live Saturday!


Steph said...

ck did you sympathize with me when I was talking about MY busy weekend? I think you trumped me fo sho.

Beth McDermott said...

different kinds of busy. you win in the fun department. id trade in a heartbeat. xo ;)

Beatrice Blount said...

i hate you

Beth McDermott said...

don't hate the player... hate the game my friend.