Tuesday, May 26, 2009

These Little Piggies...

went flying!

Two Christmases ago, my Mom gave my dad and brother and Tyson each a gift certificate to Pigs Can Fly good for a one hour flight lesson. Tyson was excited about it then, but even MORE excited to later learn that Stephanie's mom had unknowingly given Jerad the same gift... and that they could combine their lessons and go together!

Needless to say (a year and a half later!) it was tricky finding a weekend that both of them were free and the school was actually running flights (if the weather is bad, they cancel. It happened once before). But I think in the end, the anticipation of their ultimate male bonding experience just made it all the sweeter when was time at long last to spread their wings together and fly off into the ocean mist.

I think this is Morro dunes...?

They were given the option to fly over Paso, or go the coastal route. They chose to fly over the ocean, and they briefly landed in Oceano to switch spots.

Tyson came back looking like he had fallen in love all over again. I think its adorable, er... way way cool and manly that they took so many pictures of the ground and each other.

Ty even got to land back in SLO! (Sorry, Jerad....)

Anyways. Is it weird that Im proud of them? Boyscout badge of courage for both... I dont know that I would have been able to make myself do such a thing.

And thanks, Mom! Who knew it- pigs really can fly!


Steph said...

Oh man, as if Jerad already didn't want to leave me for Tyson--we added planes into the mix!

He had so much fun, and hasn't stopped talking about it. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics xoxo

selloutpopstar said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog My Love. It was truly fun.

We also have collateral against Steph and Jerad with pictures they will never get...only to be seen on a blog

Now we need to buy a plane to fly

Steph said...

dude... make tyson cough these pics up...