Friday, December 12, 2008


First of all, let me just start by confessing... yes, yes I DID feed my children Christmas cookies with candy cane sticks for breakfast. And I'm NOT sorry, it was priceless to see the look of bewilderment flood their sleepy little faces when I offered them a sacred choice of one of the delicacies on the heaping plate of comfort and joy that Kari dropped off last night. They thought I had officially lost my mind! I could see their little minds working groggily... waiting for me to say "just kidding, no sugar for YOU, give it back please!" Hilarious.

And second... I had to post this because Dawson managed to give himself a NASTY shiner on Wednesday afternoon after skipping carelessly thru the kitchen and smack into the corner of the table. I heard the sickening CRACK!, and in the moment of silence before the blood curdling scream I had only hoped my eyes were playing tricks on me and he hadn't actually hit straight in the eyes socket as I thought.

But it was no trick. He had managed to fall perfectly aligned to introduce the edge of the table with the bone of his eyebrow. I thought for a moment there would be stitches, but the blood proved to be mostly from a superficial scrape thru the bush of his eyebrow. Thank heaven... now lets just pray the hair will grow back in that spot~!

He was a trooper, of course. And by now, he is predictably quite proud of his battle wound. I, on the other hand, seriously considered keeping him home from school yesterday so they would not call CPS. Oi.

In other news, here is ANOTHER kind of shiny. Our little star Anabelle got a chance earlier this week to spend a day alone with her beloved Grammie. She could NOT have been more excited (or more adorable) in getting ready. She reminded Dawson that it was "only her!" at least a half dozen times, and just about hit the ceiling when she realized she got to pack up her Dora backpack and take a cup of cocoa in the car with Daddy when he left for work to drop her off. She was over the moon.

What a big girl. And LONG LIVE QUEEN GRAMMIE!!!

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Sarah Griffin said...

Beth your kids are so stinkin adorable! Hope Dawson's eye is feeling better.