Friday, December 19, 2008


Its been ffrrreeeezzzing cold and sometimes rainy here all week. We've been shut in doors for days on end now. I'm not sure if its because the kids are slowly but surely getting older and more manageable or if its still just so early in the cold season I have a morsel of optimism left in me but it hasn't really been all that bad (yet).

Here's how we've been keeping busy:

1. Baking Cookies,

And 2., licking the spoon of course...

3. Hunting rainbows (the look on Anabelle's face as her bright blue eyes spotted their very first rainbow was a priceless moment):

4. Doing puzzles:

And 5., playing dress up (on ourselves and other things as well!):

And of course, last but not least, 6., we've been spending a LOT of time in the magical land of Play dough (and by 'magical,' I mean DEAR LORD!, there MUST be a magnet in the fundamental compounds of the stuff that, in one single motion both attracts the bottom of a child's shoe and leads them directly to a scarce clean spot in living room carpet).

Not pictured... can I just say... our poor, poor cat has gotten a LOT of 'attention' by all the cabin fevered little ones the last few days. I almost feel sorry for her (the wicked little beast that claws our screen to shreds as we attempt to sleep between getting up for our actual children night after night...wants in and out of the house so many times during the day I am considering hiring a personal assistant so I can get anything done... has been knows to intentionally trip you when your hands are full if you are ignoring her need for fresh water, the distilled kind, NOT the tap, OH!... and then manages to get pregnant, and successfully abandon and ultimately murder her own offspring out of spite and jealousy! No comment there, ahem).

Like I said, almost.

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Steph said...

thank you sooo much for the cookies!!!

and poor minerva. the cat we broke:(