Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Cheer

So, living in California it seems like kind of an unnecessary splurge to buy a "winter coat," but I've been 'needing' one for awhile now. Like, a nice-ish one, for wearing out... you know, to all the fabulous events I am always attending out on the town, haha. See what I mean about over indulgent? I have a nice black wool jacket from GAP I got a couple Christmas's ago. Its HUGE on me now. I feel like I'm wearing a parachute when I go out in it, and its hard to maneuver in and its obviously unflattering.

I was eyeing this gorgeous long wool pea coat at Target in cobalt blue at the after Christmas sales... you know, when you're supposed to be shopping for other people... and I tried it on and loved it, but couldn't bring myself to spend the $60 on it (I know... $60 is a steal for a nice jacket... but still it was somewhat impulsive).

And then, Carly had a small Christmas get together last weekend, and it was a dressy event. I had a cute new dress in mind to wear, and I even planned to shave my legs and wear my spanx. The new outfit involved cocktail length, satin, and sleeveless. iiiii know, brrrrrrr!, right? So I decided the morning of the event that I needed NEEDED to take the plunge and buy a jacket.

I checked Styles 4 Less for the obvious reasons... Styles... 4 Less, right? But alas, their jackets were casual, and still in the $40 range. Also, "made in China" was practically stitched on the outside of the jacket. Not worth it.

So I flew up to Target to make my big purchase only to find (predictably) they were sold out of my size or anything close to it in the lovely cobalt color and (duh) no longer even remotely on sale. But they DID have a size up from the one I tried on in burgundy. I slipped it off the rack, and found it only a smidgen over sized which slightly perturbed me (but not as much as if it actually FIT in the bigger size), but I decided I could no longer live without a jacket. The stocker lady said they would NOT be getting another shipment of coats in, they were already stocking bathing suits, and there were none in the back or in the fitting rooms. So after a moments consideration, I decided I could settle.

(This is NOT the jacket, I couldn't find it on Google Image, but its similar. Mine's hotter.)

I still felt guilty.

I got home and walked in the door, started to get ready... and seconds later my Mom pulled in the driveway.

She walked right in the front door, like a woman on a mission... and handed me $50. Just because! Like she knew I needed it. She had unexpectedly come into the extra cash, and decided to share. I could have cried. It was like it was meant to be, all my guilt instantly vanished.

My new jacket is freaking HOT, I still kind of wish it was cobalt, but in all honesty the burgundy probably goes with more of my vast wardrobe anyways (haha).

Anyways, thanks for the Christmas cheer, Mom.

And for always keeping me warm.

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