Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spa Day

Don't be jealous...

But I had the most ah-maaaazing massage experience this weekend.

  • It was affordable!
  • The location was convenient!
  • The masseuse was incredibly gorgeous!
  • The atmosphere made me feel right at home...

Oh, wait.

I was at home.

My sweet little boy masterminded this afternoon of pampering for his Mom since I "worked so hard at the grocery store for him," and he "thought I should just come home and they could do all the work for me the rest of the night."


(Im so incredibly touched/ afraid of the aftermath of this idea...)

But. It ended up being awfully adorable, and quite entertaining!

He got his lovely assistant involved... Dawson sat on a 'stool' and worked my feet, back, neck, each finger, and even my scalp, while Anabelle got me water in a sports water bottle, set out puzzles for me to do 'in case I got bored...' and even got her singing Aurora doll (thanks, Auntie Jessica...) to serenade me for a little background music (right next to my ear).

Dawson must have seen this happen somehow or heard the spa experience talked about. He frequently asked if I was comfortable enough, if I needed anything else, like a drink (Absoloutely!, I'll take a house chardonnay please!, oh, sure, creme de la juice box is a great second option...), if the lighting was OK, or did I want the curtains closed so I could sleep, and complimented me several times on liking that I had "large spots" for him to rub. I'm guessing he was comparing them to Anabelle?! Hmmm.

Then, I glanced over my shoulder, and noticed they had dragged THIS little gem out... that I made them for their hot cocoa stand at Christmas time...

No such thing as a free lunch, people!

Even with the tip, I'm pretty sure I came out ahead...

I was so enjoying my rub down (it wasn't actually half bad!) that I accidentally told them so, and the kids figured why stop there? ;) Miss Anabelle Drug out all her hair accessories and her new makeup stash from the Bibbity Bobbity Bo-tique at Disneyland!

They carefully laid out all my accessory options... and asked how I wanted to be styled. I asked what they could do... and Dawson said "Um. I don't know, lets find out!"

Uhhhh, that doesn't sound scary. Nope. Not at all.

At one point, I opened my eyes when Anabelle started muttering something about just needing to take a little bit since it was pretty long... and literally this is what I saw:


Check, please.

In all seriousness tho, Anabelle proceeded to do her makeup...

My makeup... (bright pink Rapunzel braids and hot pink hair bow *barely pictured*, compliments of Dawson)...

And yes, i'm afraid to say by the end of our activity, even Dawson fell victim to Anabelle's newly discovered talent.

I will say, not half bad for a budding artist! Although I must say, in the future I will be sure to put the scissors up high until after she passes the State mandated beautician's test...

By the end of our little play date, I felt like a queen (and probably looked like one, too... queen of some martian territory, that is!).

Know who else looked like a queen?...

Don't worry. The kids assured me she loved every moment of it.

I'm choosing to believe them.

The best part is how I specifically told them I don't think she minds the hair clips, but absolutely no lotions or hairsprays allowed...

And this morning, when poor pretty kitty smelled like a potpourri factory exploded on her and I interrogated the little delinquents about why that may be?, Anabelle looked at me with the guiltiest look I have ever seen on her face and said...

"... Well...She smells like that because we did exactly what you told us not to do..."


At least she's honest.

I wanted to die laughing. And I really really want to give our poor cat a bath.

But truely, that was the sweetest experience. They even cleaned up the giant mess they made, which the mother in me was secretly obsessing over since the house was as close to clean as it gets when they started their brilliant idea.

My kids are so good to me.

Who needs a 'real' massage, anyway?


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Steph said...

might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.