Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I know, Halloween is, like, SOOOOO last month.

I'm behind.


I'm more than a little embarrassed to say... with my darling children gaining independence, they are exercising some interesting liberties.

I am a firm believer in choosing battles. Bedtime? Non negotiable. Homework? Non negotiable. Halloween costumes? Alright fine. Be whatever you want...

Dawson wanted to be a skeleton, of course, because I think they're icky and scary. Anabelle? Well. She's got one foot in the powder room... and one foot in the grave apparently. What do you get when you mix the most feminine Disney princess wannabe alive with a burning passion to "one-up" the awesome big brother?...

Why, that would be a skeleton MERMAID, of COURSE!!!

(AKA: Mom's worst nightmare).
Her second choice was Lady Gaga. In the meat dress. I think Skeleton mermaid was actually the less morbid option! ...and... the attire does kind of have Lady Gaga award show written on it. So maybe she got to have her meat suit and eat it too... either way... I'm pretty sure I lost. But whatever. Kind of funny? Later maybe?...after the condescending and judgemental glares of the neighborhood as she parades around proud as a peacock are faded from my short term memory...?

These are some of the sweetest girls we go to church with. HOW EXCITING! We all have matching costumes!... er. Kind of. Look at the expression on poor Eva's face. Oh, my my my.
Anyways. My parents kindly were the candy dispensers once again this year. They're quick studies... no use closing the door and gettin cozy between the greedy little goblins that troll this here neighborhood. They pitched their camp on the front porch and even managed to smile the whole time. Thanks, guys! :)

Ty had to work (bummed.), so we didn't make any huge plans. We didn't have to tho... our neighborhood is kind of insane on Halloween. Some neighbors reported going thru 20lbs of candy. WILD.

Anyways. That said... I was sad to be 'alone' with the masses... so my sweeeeeet friend Bethany not only showed up to be my better half for the night... but in costume no less!

I was actually really excited to dress up to take my kids trick or treating, because I scored this great flapper costume at a yard sale a couple months ago... for $2. Including the boa. WEEE!
My kids, of course had NO idea what a flapper was.
I explained it to them, of course, like a good mother ought to...
Anabelle, in turn, innocently made sure to let people know that her mother was dressed as a "flasher."
We were just about finishing the candy loop and thinking about calling it a night. We found our beloved Hammies who were handing out candy and chatted for awhile...
It was getting cold, and since it was a school night we were contemplating a return to the home front instead of attending the free carnival that a local church sponsors right across the street from our development....
And then Bethany's phone rang.
It was her childhood bff, who (small town!) ended up being my neighbor and knew we were together that evening. Bethany hung up and said "YOUR BROTHER IS AT THE CARNIVAL!!!"
And sure enough....

The Grizzly boys in the 3rd platoon were kind enough to oversee the evening, and among them was our beloved Cadet Harkness!!

My parents, of COURSE, immediately left their candy post and headed up the hill for a family reunion~!!! It was a brief visit, but a visit none the less, and how cool is that!?!?! I can't believe we almost skipped it and missed out...what a bummer it would have been to have him so close and not see him... and Im SO THRILLED my neighbor recognized him! He was probably 5 years old at one of my softball games last time she laid eyes on him.
Who say's the Holy Spirit hides on Halloween?
~"Not I," said the Flasher.


Steph said...

so glad I saw these creepo pics right before bed. oh wait...

selloutpopstar said...

Sorry I missed out, but I'm glad you guys had fun.... my little flasher. xoxo