Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Arrangement

My son has a sweet admiration for the loveliest little girl... and always has. He just really adores her. He would follow her straight into an active volcano infested with bad guys and pumpkin slime. And she tolerates him so well!

I wouldn't normally encourage or nurture any such spark at the tender age of six... except that I completely understand how he feels because his mother happens to be one of my most favorite people that I would run thru a desert and leap over cars with fire coming out of them for. HA!

Kailee is just a sweetheart. She is patient, kind, nurturing... and bossy in every best intention! I'm just sure it reminds him of his mommy, and that has to be why she is his (third) favorite girl to be around (I am his first, naturally and I will give his sister the silver medal... or she might make me sorry...). :)

Dawson started going to Good News Club that a local church sponsors after school one day a week. Kailee brought him the first day, so they gave her an In-N-Out gift card! Being the sweet soul that she is, she immediately offered it to Dawson (see why I like my kid to hang out with her?! She's teaching him to give! Priceless!!).

Dawson in turn didn't think it was fair that she give up free In-N-Out since clearly she had earned the burger. So he told her they should go together and share it.

She agreed!

Then, he suggested they go for frozen yogurt afterward using the gift card the Hunters gave him for his birthday.

She agreed!

The kids both came home and explained the plan to their over protective mothers who would normally never condone such an arrangement... but when we realized it would mean we get to hang out together and spy on our kids enjoying their childhood... and then have a blackmail story to taunt them with when they are teenagers and that is, like, SUCH an embarrassing story... we were as good as there.

Plus... we had it chaperoned by the best bouncer around (Kailee's little sister and Anabelle's BFF!):

And of course her trusty yet fearsome sidekick (little bro), Joshua-bear!, who's only known weakness is the sweet distraction of his first taste of frozen yogurt heaven.

Who could blame him?

These kids kill me with their cuteness.

...So Im hoping I'll be invited on all his dates yet to come since I set such a careful standard this time around. And hopefully it doesn't happen again for at least another decade (and a half).


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Hammie Fam said...

So happy our families have each other. I cannot wait to see what is to come!!! Love you wifey!