Friday, May 21, 2010

The McHappenings

Sorry for the lack of bloggage.

Its been a wild couple of weeks! I have lots and lots of good reasons for being so preoccupied.

We've been completely cram packed full of wonderful events that are WAY more exciting than blogging!, such as...

Welcoming THESE beautiful baby boys into the world,

Born April 29th, 2010

a 6lbs 12 oz bundle of miracles, might, and pure JOY!,

and....... a big fat congratulations, Hutchinson Family (of three!!):

on the brilliant arrival of

Marshall Ford Hutchinson!,

born May 3rd handsome and wide eyed at a solid 8lbs 3oz.

My amazing friends had VERY different journeys through pregnancy and delivery, but I can tell you I am SO tremendously blessed to have been a small part in each of their lives during this special time, and to get to watch the hand of God forming each of their little bundles and preparing these amazing women and their family's for the new arrivals. I feel like I've grown as a mom, a friend, and a person in getting to be at the sidelines through all of this... I'm still processing it, but words can't say how SO incredibly happy I feel for these flourishing families.

Love you SO SO much, Hammies and Hutchies!

In all the free moments I'm NOT waiting for the phone to ring and new lives to be joining the world... I've been running. A LOT. Like, 40 miles+ a week a lot (wahhhh! Im too tired to blogggg!).

On Saturday, my fabulous friends and I completed the last long run before our marathon. It was 20 miles long in lovely San Luis Obispo.

It was fun, and hard (at least for me... they made it look EASY!), and kind of unexpectedly emotional. This has been SO much of my (non-existent free) time and focus over the last few months. When its over, there will be a void. A lovely, quiet, non-sweaty and blistered void... but still. I'm definitely going to need a new project.

We've also been busy wrapping up the school year- my very own little baby boy who was just a 7lb 14oz bundle himself a blink ago will soon be a first grader.

We recently attended his school's open house and got to see the world's most adorable kindergarten classroom. There was SO much to see, the kids have worked SO hard and their teacher is up there at saint status with Mother Theresa. Tyson (being the proud father he is) took pictures of EVERY painting and project our son made/drew/participated in, but I wont bore you with those details.

I WILL bore you with this ONE little morsel...

In case you can't read it it says... "When I'm big- I want to be a TV fixer. I'd have 'ratches,' wires, and hammers. I'd wear a belt and a helmet. I'd make a hundred dollars for a little bit of time. I'll live with Kailee by my street in San Luis Obispo. I'll see Mom and Dad every day by walking to their house."

Weird how he didnt mention wanting to be a zoo-keeper... I mean daycare provider... ;) But awwww. My son LOVES his Daddy.

And just in case you dont already know... Here is the famous Kailee my son adores:

I hope they're very happy together in San Luis Obispo.

Speaking of happy...

We are LOVING our summertime weather and all the creatures it is bringing. A few years back it never would have occurred to me that just moments down the road I'd be spending my days googling "how to make a toad house. "

...but I wouldn't trade it for the whole pet-store. Pineapple the toad was very VERY happy in his toad-home, I don't even think he minded being fondled by a classroom of kindergartners AND preschoolers within 48 hours of each other. He has since been released back into the wild common areas of Apple Valley and reunited with his slimy little family.

And finally, on Friday, I suddenly realized I was officially living the soccer-Mom dream when I pulled an SUV with 4 screaming kids, a toad terrarium, and a cake for the school carnival's cake walk into the school parking lot.

But pictures like the one above make me feel so.incredibly.full inside I could just explode.

Perhaps its seeing my friends welcoming their new babes. Maybe its the fact that Tyson and I have been sleeping in on the weekends, and having important discussions with the kids about real issues!, like what happens to goldfish when they die, and why its important to be a good t-ball team mate. But I have to say... I'm suddenly SO aware of how fast time is flying by, and how mind-blowingly awesome my kids are.

It gives such an appreciation for the increasingly rare moments like THIS one... where they are snugly, and tranquil... and getting along with each other. ;)

Happy almost-summer everyone!

I'll be resuming normally scheduled blog-casting after June 6th in San Diego!


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