Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Man I Married

At the end of this week, Tyson will have worked 10 'doubles' in 12 days. A 'double' is a 16 hour day. Some were forced, some were swaps so he could get this weekend off to spend with us in Santa Barbara, and some were scheduled overtimes. Regardless, we have missed him!

Dawson started asking about his Dad at bedtime last night and wondering when they would get to hang out again. When he was little, a few nights of not seeing Dad just translated into acting out and being extra naughty for him, which made for one cranky Mom. It was a strange milestone to have him be able to say he missed his dad and ask when he would see him, and for me to be able to explain that he was working hard to earn some extra time with us, and he would be home in 2 days.

When I tucked Anabelle in, she was also uneasy. This is my kid that will sleep any time, any where, any time you tell her to. She NEVER has trouble falling asleep, and never has. I have pictures of her at age 4, sound asleep in a teeny little shopping cart in the middle of Michael's craft store. So when she talks about not wanting to sleep (this ONE time, ha), I pay attention.

She said she was afraid of falling asleep because she has been having bad dreams. The other night, she did wake up terrified of something she couldnt explain in her state of delirium, but had forgotten what it was about by morning. Last night at bedtime, the nightmare finally resurfaced fresh enough for her to talk about.

Evidently there was an awful nightmare involving a trip to the moon with her Dad. Her voice grew tight and panicked as she explained that they were exploring and then he just LEFT her there. She saw him get in his rocket ship and leave, and she needed to find a way to get back to grandpa and grandma's house at the earth, but she was all alone and scared of the aliens. Then she dreamt right after that of watching me drink toilet water, and she watched as I 'started to fade away'... and the dream ended with me dying in front of her.

Yep. Traumatized for life.

And she probably is too (haha).

Anyways. I explained all this to Tyson when he got home late last night, and he was particularly sensitive to it. I also mentioned that his son was missing him, and he should leave a note or something in the morning since we will have a busy couple days and they may not see each other until the weekend.

When I walked into the kitchen this morning, these little gems were sitting on the counter...

For Anabelle:

For Dawson:
I seriously feel like there is NO free time these days. I am looking at our calendar realizing we are pretty booked until NOVEMBER. We are having the time of our lives shooting bb guns and baking and coloring and swimming and biking and shopping and projecting ourselves to death with the kids, planning parties and outings and adventures with and without the little rascals, attending gatherings and orientations and races and get togethers of any and all kinds, but one day... when life slows down...

I have a dream...

I want to write a childrens book, and I want my husband to illustrate it. He is really REALLY good. Not many people know this about him, but the man can draw! He doodles on napkins things that my brain could never imagine. He sees pictures from angles I never realized were there. He even has a unique 'style' that I could pick out of a book of a thousand pictures. The man is a natural artist who has never explored his potential. I realize I am gushing over these cheesy little note cards, but he seriously slapped them out in 30 seconds flat. You should see what he can do when he actually TRIES.


Now I've said it. I've 'put it into the universe,' and Im hoping it resurfaces again one day when the days pass a little more slowly, even if our grandchildren are the only ones who ever take the time to read it.

Im off to watch my kids grow before my eyes!


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